Join us for fellowship and food! Beginning at 6pm.

Men’s Bible Study Thursday mornings beginning at 6:30 a.m.

9am and 11am
We will continue to exercise the following guidelines:
Protocol for Vineyard’s Re-Opening 
COVID-Safe Practices
Following the CDC recommendations and Public Health Emergency
Order by the State Of New Mexico, we will be performing the following
steps upon your arrival to ensure the Safety and Well Being
of the Congregation.
We are excited and can’t wait to see you:
At this time Capacity is at 62.
• Upon arrival, you will provided a numbered index card with the following             questions to complete prior to entry into the building.
– Have you traveled out of New Mexico in past 14-days
– Do you have fever or felt feverish in past 14-days
– Are you having shortness of breath or experienced loss of taste
– Have you been in contact with COVID-19 patients
NOTE: If yes to any questions, entry into to the sanctuary at this time
           will not be allowed.  In love, we ask that you watch Facebook Live from              home should you be experiencing any of the above conditions.
• 6 Feet Safety Distancing required at all times
• Face Covering required at all times except during communion
• You will be seated by an USHER once you enter the building.
   Please do not re-arrange seating or move from assigned seat
• Due to the live filming of the service, we ask that you remain seated
• Entry into the Church will be through the Front Entrance off San Juan Street
• Exit of the building will be through the side door leading to the Parking Lot
• Wheelchair and/or Walker access will be through the Exit Door
• All classes and classrooms on Sunday have been temporarily suspended until    further notice
• Children will sit with their parents for services
In closing, please ask yourself: Am I putting myself, my family,
or others at Risk? err on the side of caution.
While we are excited to see you, only you can make that decision. Be Safe,
be Careful, and please do all you can to remain Healthy.

We thank you so much for your patience in all of this, and please know we are trying to do our very best so we can reopen, having done everything we can to ensure everyone’s safety. 
We will continue to stream live on Facebook for those who are unable to attend our services.
Please continue to refer to this website for continued information and changes.

We love all of you and thank you to all that helped for a successful 1st Sunday!
-Pastor Larry Toledo
   (For VCF-Santa-Fe)